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This Report is filed by my good friend Stanislaus Dreuckebdodevitskovitz.

My story is the same as the 60 year old lady’s below: I fell for the Beta Test website first, which I had them install the website using FREE Domain, while the GoDaddy Domain they recommended was about $8-10 or so. That was ALL I saved! After the website worked for a few weeks, I bought their $37 software, which offered 10 websites, supposedly. When I went to get the first one of these installed, also on a FREE Domain, they couldn’t seem to install it & get it working. I called their “help line” numerous times, with little results. Then I got a bill from ISpyHost, the web hosting service, for $97 for Installation of the second website (it was also supposed to be FREE, when I used ISpyHost), plus AN ADDITIONAL $19.95 a month for a second account with them. I called the “help line” again, but nothing got done about it. By then, I had spent $135.85 total, for the software, E-Mail service (Aweber), & hosting. Then I began researching more in depth on the Internet, finding very little about any of these companies, except the scam reports below. That was when I realized that it was all a scam. I had done some research before getting involved in the first place, but all I found was on some forums, saying that it was legitimate. Now I realize that it was a scam, all along! Then I called the Federal Trade Commission, after alerting PayPal. Both were very supportive. In fact, the F.T.C. recommended some law enforcement-related websites for me to report them to, as well. PayPal suggested canceling my Debit Card & having me apply for a new one, which I did. I told the lady at the F.T.C. that I didn’t think the Federal Government needed to regulate the Internet, but that the F.T.C. needed to come down on some of these scam companies to protect the people. I called the F.T.C. again a few days later, to update my report and give them additional information, like names of people involved, phone numbers, addresses, and such.

Companies involved:

Dynamic Prosperity Inc, 4281 Express Lane, Suite L9662, Sarasota, FL 34238, No phone number shown on the Internet, even though I searched through Yellow Pages, White Pages, Chamber of Commerce & Better Business Bureau listings for Sarasota, Florida. Here are some of their “Help Lines,” although I didn’t get much help (nor did I ever talk to a “millionaire coach” although I was supposed to get “free coaching” as part of both packages):

1-888-485-1251, 1-888-486-4385, 1-800-289-3229. Some of their “help” is in India, some in the Philippines, some in Arizona, some in Utah. Most of the time all they do is take down a callback number & a name. Once or twice they actually put me in touch with a Tech Support person who did very little to help me. Most of the time they want to charge $20 + EXTRA!

PROMENTORSCOM 602-2412602 AZ, Phone number is 602-241-2602, 2824 N. Power Rd. #113-377, Mesa, AZ 85215, Business Management: Neal Mody, Principal. - No known address or phone. My copy of E-Mails were included in my reports to the F.T.C. and PayPal, as well as criminal reports to proper agencies.

Income - No known address or phone. My copy of E-Mails were included in my reports to the F.T.C. and PayPal, as well as criminal reports to proper agencies. - supposedly their Technical Help Desk, but I never could seem to get through to them, & later I misplaced my password; when I requested a new one, I never heard from them again.

AWEBER COMMUNICATIONS, HUNTINGDON, VA PA, Phone number is 18772932371, 215-825-2196.

Income Infuser Purchase $37.

People involved:

Darren Salkeld, Dave (no last name given), Mike Antoni, Jason Howell. The video\audio didn’t work on Dave’s introduction, but nobody ever asked me about it, even though I was supposed to be a Beta Tester.

They applied for some trademarks. The correspondent listed for AT HOME WEALTH SYSTEM is RAJ ABHYANKER of RAJ ABHYANKER, P.C., 1580 W EL CAMINO REAL STE 8, MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA 94040-2462 . He is probably an attorney.

I filed a complaint with Mesa, Arizona Better Business Bureau on 8-15-12. Also with Florida Better Business Bureau.

Total $135.85 requested for $37 software, $19.95 x 3 for IspyHost, $1.00 first month with Aweber, $19.00 x 2 for AWeber.

All their videos are shown in their area.


From - Income Infuser is a Scam:

This is a SCAM. I am a 60 yr old woman on a Fixed Income, trying to make a little money online. I ran across the Ad for Income Infuser and checked it out. They wanted to sell the membership to me at $97, and I said "No Thanks". Then they lowered it to $47, and I said "No Thanks". Then they told me that they were "trying out a new BETA Program, and if I would test it out for them and report back what the 'bugs' were, they would give me the membership FREE", but I also had to "promise not to tell anyone, because everyone else was paying $97 for it". They suckered me with that line.

I joined the "FREE" BETA Program, and the first thing they told me was I had to spend money to get a Domain name from GoDaddy for ($8.17 for 1 year), Sign up with ISpyHost for Hosting (they would pay the one time $97 set-up fee, but I had to pay $19.95 for the 1st month and set-up with $19.95 autopay for every month ongoing through PayPal), Sign up with AWeber ($1.00, for 1st month, and $19.00 autopay for every month ongoing through Credit Card) for Marketing, and set-up with ClickBank (FREE). They told me that they had given me a "Cadillac" and I had to furnish the "Gas and Oil". And I HAD to use these companies or the Program would not work. I scraped together the money to enroll in each of these companies and went to work.

Then they told me to follow the Videos Step by Step to Install and Integrate these Systems into my Program. Meanwhile, I watched every Webinar they suggested to me...Three in the 1st week. The 3rd one, I watched 3 times, because they kept sending it to me. It was trying to Up-Sell me to "buying" their "Coaching help", which I could not afford. I continued to follow the Videos, exactly as told. I got everything installed, except I could not connect it to AWeber. I did it over and over again. I requested help from their Technical crew and was told they could "do it for me, but they would charge me", but they could not help me for FREE. I went through each of the other pieces, Go-Daddy, ISpyHost, and AWeber for help. They each checked and tried to help me sort it out. AWeber noted that one of the problems was in the Video that they told me to follow exactly. There were mistakes in it. I corrected them, but still could not get connected to AWeber.

And speaking of mistakes, the hook that they used to get me involved was that I was "testing a Beta program and needed to let them know about the 'bugs' in the system", there was no place or no one to inform about these "bugs".

Then, I looked ahead and saw that the very next piece, (after I got everything working together) was another UpSell, to get me to purchase other pieces of the program I needed to make this work.

Once I mad it know that I did not have money to hire their "Coaches" or purchase their "UpSells", they dropped me like a "Hot potato" and left me to flounder on my own.

Bottom line is this:


Shame on them. They are unscrupulous rich Gurus preying on helpless poor people with dreams of some crumbs of the pie. Yeah, the program probably works, if you have the same mindset they do...of taking advantage of other people. But if you don't have "hundreds of $$$ to throw away...don't get involved with Income Infuser. You WILL regret it.



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