Is Google A Scam?

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Is Google A Scam? Empty Is Google A Scam?

Post  Admin on Mon Feb 06, 2012 2:21 am

Is Google A Scam?

This post is made by my good friend Stanislaus Dreuckebdodevitskovitz:

Here is my E-Mail to Google, which may or may not have been sent (I really can’t tell at this point).

“I enjoyed the videos of your CEO Eric, but apparently he HAS NOT tried to set up a new account, set up and run a blog, set up GMail, receive a verification thru his cell phone, set up Google Voice, and such. I tried each of these in the past few days. As of now, my Google Voice account is "locked," with no reason given and no solution given, my GMail won't let me in, the verification number I received thru my cell phone wouldn't verify, TWICE. The blog is a real nightmare, as the "help" pages are of absolutely no help. I find out more by getting on a non-Google forum on the net. Eric is extremely positive about how technology will play in the coming years, and he (being a multi-millionaire) may be right; he thinks the govt. needs to get it's act together & have a predictable pattern for the rest of us to follow. But Google itself does not have this predictability, having broken some businesses by shutting them out of it's search engines, for various reasons, according to those business owners who reported it on the net. The only thing Google is doing that is predictable, is changing, which the govt. and the rest of the world is doing, too. Eric has this "pie in the sky" attitude, but the real world is much tougher, especially for us poor folks (not the term I used, but I can’t put it in this forum) who are trying to make a living, using all these CONSTANTLY CHANGING tools that Google keeps coming up with. He also thinks the govt. should be more honest, and not tolerate law-breakers, but Google itself is breaking all kinds of laws, especially the ones about promoting pornography. I found that much of Google's search results, from page 10 to page 10-million, are scattered with pornography and companies promoting it. That's not right. He wants the govt. to let business alone, so it can go on making him millions of $$$, with few regulations, but apparently it is going to take MORE regulations to get Google in line with the rest of the world from a moral standpoint. My main frustration right now is with the lack of help that Google provides for ANYTHING. I've tried most of the Google apps, and most of them REALLY STINK, Eric!”

If you don’t believe me, run a search for “Google banned...,” “Google broke me...,” and such.

Google banned my site:

So, is Google a Scam? You be the judge!



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