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Post  Admin on Tue Dec 27, 2011 3:42 am

Welcome to the Internet Scams Forum! Unlike many other forums, we will not require you to register to read or post remarks. However, we will monitor the forum regularly and we reserve the right to remove any posts that are inappropriate to the topic, especially Viagara ads, your own personal ads about whatever products you sell, and such! We encourage you to post remarks related to the subject: Internet scams.

We have already found a TON of information on the Internet about Internet scams, some saying that many of them actually are scams, some saying that they are not! In many cases, reference is made to the fact that a buyer may obtain information that is too complicated and that a refund can be obtained, if it was bought through one of the more reliable Internet "money providers." Of course, if one does not ask for a refund, then they shouldn't complain that they were "ripped off!"

We found that much of the scam material was actually an E-Book, offering information only. In some cases, this information was inadequate, too technical, hard to understand, and such. Many times, the buyer might just "lay the information aside," intending to use it "some day," perhaps, but never doing so. This is not the fault of the author of the information. If you buy a jokebook but never read it, then you never laugh at those particular jokes. That doesn't mean that the jokebook was a scam! The jokes might actually be funny! But, how will you ever know, if you don't read it?

On the topic of energy scams, we found some people in Australia, the UK, and other places outside the U.S., who felt that many of the energy products being promoted (solar panels, windmills, and such) were really a BIG RIPOFF! We also found many people, particularly in the U.S., who had actually built (or had someone build for them) and installed these same energy products, and who felt that they were getting a REAL GOOD DEAL for their $$$ ! So, it seems to be "in the eye of the beholder!"

We will try to present some of these opinions and reviews, on both sides of the issue, and let you make up your own mind about the matter being a scam or not. There are some instances, of course, where law enforcement agencies or other government agencies (the Federal Trade Commission or a state Attorney General's Office, for example) have already stepped in and attempted to halt a scam, in which case it must apparently be an actual scam. But the "judge" is still "out" on many items and products being offered, especially on the Internet! What may not be a scam today, may be termed a scam tomorrow, and the author or producer of the item or product may find themselves "in hot water" as a result.

I've had a lot of fun researching this topic myself, as this is one of my favorite topics, and has been for a number of years, even before the Internet was ever "thought of," back in the early 90's! I have been the victim of some good-sounding ideas that didn't work, and I felt that they were a scam. In some cases, I was able to prevail on a consumer-protection agency (BBB, state Attorney General's Office, and such) and obtain a refund. But, in many cases over the years, I just "took my loss," sucked in my pride, and vowed to be sure not to "fall for" that particular "line" or "sales pitch" again! As I got older and the Internet came along, I vowed to do all I could to expose as many scams as possible, in hopes of saving others from becoming victims and "throwing" their hard-earned $$$ "down a rat hole!" Maybe you will be one of these fortunate souls, who will write that you almost sent some $$$ on that deal, and you read on this forum that it might be a scam, so you didn't send any $$$ to the promoter!

Always remember, "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!" Lately, when I find myself getting interested in "something new," I thoroughly research it on the Internet (the younger crowd says to "Google it"), then I "Google" in these words: "forum "[and whatever it is]" and try to read up on it through some forums, where others share their opinions about it. Many times, this confirms to me, that it is an actual scam, so I put my card back in my pocket and just figure that I saved myself some $$$, which I can certainly use elsewhere! Hope you learn to do the same!

Good hunting!




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